How do I get what I ordered?  

Did you select to have it “shipped” or “pick up”?  If you selected “shipped” it will ship out the first day the post office is open after your order.  If you choose pick up this means you know me personally (family, friend, acquaintance, etc.) and we will be setting up a time and place together.

How long will it take to get what I ordered?

I check to see if I have received orders daily, which means the order will be packaged day of your order. Your order will be shipped the following day, or the next day the post office is open, if you choose for it to be shipped.

Is this company legitimate, or did it make an outlandish offer it can’t really fulfill?

I am 100% legitimate and you did not make a mistake ordering from me.  All of my products are ready made products, which means everything you order I already have in stock. You will not have to worry about your order being fulfilled.

What will be done with my contact information after the order?

After you order, your information will go into my emailing list.  This means you will receive emails from me regarding sales and information, and you will also receive coupons and exclusive deals.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my order?

You can contact me (Madison), through my email at madmorgan_10@yahoo.com, or by phone at 616-460-1652.

Did I get everything I was supposed to?

After you order you should have received an email with a list of what you ordered, you will also receive an order confirmation that comes with your order.  If you feel you didn’t get something you ordered refer to both your email and paper confirmation and then please call or email me with any questions or concerns.

Is it really worth the price?

Not only do I believe the products you purchased are worth the price, but so does my customers. All of my products are reasonably priced so everyone can purchase from me.  My products are made with 100% renewable soy wax, all of my packaging in recyclable, and no animal testing was done by me or my companies I purchase my supplies from.