Online Loyalty Rewards

Our Loyalty Rewards is something you MUST take advantage of! To sign up you can just click on the rewards box on the right hand side of your screen.

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Become a Loyalty Rewards Member – receive 50 points


For every $1 you spend you will receive 1 point!

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Recycle Punch Cards

We currently offer punch cards for returned Candles by Madison jars and wax melt packages. We are very happy to be able to offer punch cards as recycling holds a special place in our eco-friendly hearts!

Return 6 Candles by Madison Jars and get a candle for free!

Return 8 Candles by Madison Wax Melt Packages and get a wax melt for free!

Note: Currently we are unable to pay to send you shipping material to send your recycled jars and wax melt packaging to us.  However, if you wish to send them to us at your expense we will not only give you a free candle or wax melt but we will send along a special treat!

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Another Note: If you return jars and wax melts and you do not live locally we will not ship unless you order other products.  The whole part of having you give us your CBM packaging is to help eliminate the carbon footprint and shipping one product back to you is not doing that.