Our Mission

Candles by Madison is dedicated to providing products that you are proud to have in your home. We believe in transparency, and we treat every customer like a long lost friend. All of our products are hand-poured with love by the co-owners of CBM, Josiah and Madison, in small batches. Most importantly we pride ourselves on creating ecofriendly products that are paraben and preservative free. Our products are made with 100% soy wax, and have also not been tested on animals and are vegan friendly. Recently, we have been striving to eliminate fragrances that do not meet the requirements of Proposition 65 and that are not phthalate free. All of our candle lines have wicks that are lead-free and made from paper or wood materials. All of our products are also produced in recyclable containers, as well as we now offer recycle punch cards that allow you to return your CBM packaging to receive more amazing product. Together, Josiah and Madison are striving to create a healthier more relaxing life style for all of their customers and most importantly the world.