Our Creation

Candles by Madison was built during a very dark time in my life (Madison). I grew up with severe anxiety, which I am still battling today, and candles have been one of the good things that came out of that time.  My mother sold Home Interiors for a large part of my childhood and besides for the boxes and bubble wrap, smelling the candles was my favorite thing to do. My mother and I attempted to make candles when I was very young, but for some reason making candles with crayon wax just isn’t a good idea. For Christmas in 3rd grade (2005), my parents got me a candle maker, and my mom and I would make candles together in our kitchen (crayon free this time).

I spent every waking moment thinking about candles, fragrances, and colors. Growing up, especially my 3rd grade year, my anxiety went speeding out of control. During that point my mother and father could no longer help me cope with my anxiety, so I began going to a therapist. It was a very embarrassing time for me and it was the start of the long road to learning how to cope. One of my coping mechanisms was to keep my mind occupied, which is were candles came into play. ​ Little did I know making candles would stay with me.

Fastforward to 2012, and I was a 10th grader in high school. I had just met my now boyfriend of almost 6 years, and for some reason I really started figuring out that I preferred to make candles over most other past times. I remember how angry I was when I started softball that spring and candles had to get put on the back burner. By the middle of 2013, I received my first invitation to a craft show and by 2015 I had a book shelf in my local crafter/vendor store Peddler’s Patch in Lakeview, Michigan. We now attend numerous craft shows, sell in four local stores, and have our very own e-commerce website.