A Promise

My brand was built during a very “strange” time in my life, and making candles was actually started during a very dark time in my life.  I grew up with severe anxiety which I am still battling today and candles has been one of the good things that came out of it.  This is why my business is so important, but over the years I never wanted to admit the reason for starting my candle making. I didn’t want to actually come to terms with the fact that my business is no longer a business anymore; instead, it’s me. It’s who I am.

As I have grown, adapted, and changed, my business has not. The marketing class I am taking this semester at Montcalm Community College has probably been the most inspirational class I have taken. Meaning it has caused me to actually think about myself and the business as one. I have tried so hard to NOT make my business and myself intertwined, because I did not want to share my life and be “unprofessional”.  However, after evaluating other small businesses, I realize now just how important it is to combine my life and my business together, which is hard because I try to separate my life from the business, which is nuts because my name is in the business name!

In my class I was asked two very important questions.

What is the promise you are making to your brand?

It is to remake my brand to make it more human and bring my personal life (#mylittlewaxlife) into the business.

How will you make certain you make sure you keep that promise?

Because Candles by Madison is me. I will not let myself down and will continue to make my brand more human.