Meet the Co-Owners

Meet Madison

Throughout this process, CBM has been a large part of my life, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I am now 22, and I can tell you my candles are better then my third grade attempts. From making candles with my mom in our kitchen to a TV tray in my bedroom, then to taking over my parent’s basement our company has grown and adapted with me throughout these years. When I am not thinking about wax, colors, and fragrances, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, thrift store shopping, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. One of my favorite past times however is learning. I am the recipient of three Associate Degrees: one each in Accounting, Business Administration Management, and Entrepreneurship. This, however, hasn’t stopped me from learning. I love reading about marketing, customer psychology, and trends. I also enjoy learning from other small business on YouTube, and I love sharing with others what I have learned to help them improve on their own small business. When I am not learning, shopping, or spending time with my family and friends, I work part-time at Montcalm Community College in Montcalm County Michigan as the Human Resources Assistant. I am starting this fall at Southern New Hampshire University on a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Josiah and I currently reside in my parent’s rental apartment located in their basement while we save to purchase our own house and get through college. Like I said earlier CBM has grown and adapted with me, but it wouldn’t be where it is today without my family and friends who keep me motivated.



Meet Josiah

Candles by Madison has always been Madison’s thing generally, however in recent years I have graduated from grunt labor at craft shows, to a co-owner of CBM. Madison and I have been together for almost 6 years, and Candles by Madison was a package deal (and a smelly one at that). I am currently in charge of all candle prep and most of the time putting the final touches on a candle after Madison has scented, dyed, and hand poured it. I also built the Candles by Madison website (with lots of Madison’s two cents) and continue to run and update it.   When I am not working on CBM things, I enjoy anything technology and computer related, creating content for my YouTube channel (Rogue Outlaw), building websites for people and businesses, spending time with friends and family, and learning about technology. When I am not creating content or building websites, I am most likely working on homework. I currently have two Associate’s degrees: one in Computer Support Technology and the other is Programing and Web Development, and I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Software Development. I currently work part-time at Montcalm Community College in their Computer Support department. In many ways Candles by Madison has played a huge part in my life as well, there has been many a Friday I have helped load up for a craft show, and many a day putting wicks into candle jars. Though my name is not on the business, I am and always will be fully committed to making CBM a continuing success.